Tarot Reading

It is imperative for the seeker to understand that there are literally infinite methodologies to spreading, reading, and interpreting Tarot Cards. Here, we will be using the most common spread known as the Celtic Cross. The interpretation of each card is based on the generally accepted ‘meaning’ for the card. It’s draw position greatly influences the meaning of the reading. Please allow the interface a few moments to load once you click the link above. Thank you!


Once the interface is loaded, Click on the [Draw] button to draw a Tarot Card from the deck. Each click will draw a card in the spread until all ten cards are drawn. Once you have your full Ten Cards, one more click of the [Draw] button will bring you to the reading (interpretation) screen. There you can read the spread and print it if you like.

Crystal Ball

The Scryer’s Glass will allow you to speak with the spirit world as you take a visual journey into the unknown. A spirit guide will be summoned and will promptly begin presenting you with a series of visions. Each individual vision can only be maintained a short while and the entire séance will last as long as youe Spirit guide can maintain. Some spirits are mischievous by nature, others are lazy, but most are keen to help you. So keep that in mind while viewing your Séance.


If you have a question for your Spirit guide, concentrate on your question. Your Spirit guide will hear you. Otherwise, your guide will simply provide you with visions based on what it senses from your sub conscious. Once the interface is loaded, your spirit will begin. Each vision is preceded by a glow in the crystal ball. When the Spirit guide exhausts its energy, your vision will fade.

You are welcome to use the Divinatory devices presented here as much as you like, but they are presented here for entertainment purposes only. We would highly value your feedback, suggestions, and comments! Please report problems, submit questions or suggestions via the contact page.